‘Janie & Jerome’: Producer Eric Weil’s exercise in Storytelling

Eric Weil is an Emmy-Winning producer and indie kids’ filmmaker who has been teaching Storytelling at the School of Visual Arts for six years now. Select shorts from Weil’s seven-part Sesame Workshop series, ‘Janie & Jerome,’ were featured at festivals like the Tribeca Film Festival and the BAMKids Festival in 2005.

During our chat, Weil explained that the idea for ‘Janie’ came from a dream his younger sister described to him when they were growing up. She described her dreams as “movies coming out of her pillow.” Thus the idea for Janie, a little girl that dreams in movie strip pictures, was born.

‘Janie & Jerome’s’ crayon-drawn style was a distinct choice that Weil made as a storytelling strategy. “It was what was true to that world,” he said. See ‘Janie & Jerome’ short, ‘Rain,’ below: